Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Greg Pak's "Incredible Hulk" in August

As comics fans know, Greg Pak is now an indispensable scribe for Marvel Comics.

Currently he is writing a slew of monthly spin-off series including the Iron Man related "War Machine", "Skaar: Son of Hulk", and "Incredible Hercules". The hardcover compilations of the X-men's "Magneto Testament" and "World War Hulk" are fresh off the presses.

Now word is out that Greg is returning to his happy home, penning new adventures for the jolly green giant: in August, Greg returns to "Incredible Hulk" with issue #601.

At Immedium, we're proud to follow Greg's continuing success. In 2005 we published the definitive collection of independent film scripts Robot Stories and More Screenplays which presages his rising star in American pop culture. Back then, movie critics were falling over themselves to recognize Pak's budding talent. The New York Times film critic Elvis Mitchell wrote, "Greg Pak's fantasy anthology piece, which details the ways robots have complicated the lives of humans, has a dexterous sense of wonder…He's a talent with a future."

So Marvel editor in chief Joe Quesada decided to let Pak try his hand at comics. But according to Joe, he had read Pak's screenplays and realized it wasn't that much of a gamble. Quesada called his new hire, "An award winning filmmaker and now hot as hell newcomer...[Pak] is a writer on the cusp, right at the unique precipice between upstart and industry great."

Soon Pak reinvigorated such iconic characters such as the Hulk. Now he is writing the rest of the history. (Quite a feat since Ang Lee's cinematic treatment was more lethal to our green hero's reputation than gamma radiation.) Catch Greg's latest news and reviews at www.pakbuzz.com.


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