Friday, July 17, 2009

A Sunny Day in Carmel

Today, we stretched the outer limits of our day tripping, and headed south to scenic Carmel, CA, to teach another "how to make your own comics class" to interested youth.

Before arriving, we did some sightseeing and visited the Point Lobos State Reserve a little south of the town. Armed with a basic AAA map, it is easy to follow a few hiking paths through the forest to the undulating shore. There lie rocks streaked with webs of tidepools interspersed with pebbly beaches tucked into tiny coves. In the light mid-morning fog, there were a surprising number of travelers who scurried up and down the craggy coastline like the little crabs they were searching for. An impromptu picnic was in order, as seals barked from mysterious hideouts nearby.

Soon the haze would burn off, and yield a picture perfect postcard day, ideal for the bustling tourist trade in shopper friendly Carmel. The librarians were appreciative and prepared hosts who kindly saved a primo parking spot and called the police to watch our car on our behalf - most essential as street parking is now "electronically" monitored with a new $70,000 GPS enabled system where meter maids can take photos of your license plate and time you as your 2 hour limit expires. This branch is a cute nook dedicated to youth and a little oasis of the imagination amidst the galleries and restaurants. The kids (younger and older) were game as well, ready to draw and write and create their own fantastic tales before their various weekend and vacation plans. Next time, we hope to enjoy a long weekend in this little slice of heaven.

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