Friday, September 11, 2009

Pirate Profile #1

The book has arrived in the New World! So naturally let's introduce the hero of our tale Baltazar and the Flying Pirates.

Baltazar loves listening to the wild pirate tales that his grandpa tells. But does he really believe the far-fetched rumor that he is distantly related to the infamous scalawag Greybeard, the scourge of peaceful sailors and the plunderer of valuable fortunes?

Well, he's about to find out! Now the characters from old yarns come to life, as the legendary pirates known as the Corsairs decide to pay Baltazar a midnight visit. Led by their beautiful Captain Redlocks, this crew makes the flying galleon known as the Cutlass ship-shape. But can this boy make the grade and help these brigands find Greybeard's long lost treasure chest?

Find out!

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