Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pirate Profile #4: Mr. Flynn

Every Captain needs a right hand man. Enter Mr. Flynn. He wields the dashing good looks of a matinee idol as well as a sharp rapier wit. Plus he can smoothly swing across the starboard on a rope in a pinch. So there is no one better to help Captain Redlocks manage the mayhem on the good ship Cutlass.

Mr. Flynn is actually the first real pirate that Baltazar lays eyes on. Shaken from his evening slumber, the boy is surprised to see this debonair scoundrel by his bedside. But soon enough our young hero helps the Corsairs - he supplies the missing piece to Mr. Flynn's treasure map and suggests where the long lost booty may actually be found.

Naturally Redlocks entrusts Mr. Flynn with the responsibility of storming the amusement park Treasure Isle and scouring it for the loot. Cue over the top chaos and laughs a minute...

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