Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pirate Profile #2

Well, speak of the devil himself. Greybeard was a legend in his own time and still in the mind of impressionable Baltazar. It makes perfect sense, since they share a lust for adventure and a vibrant blood line. But the boy has little inkling of the latter until a bunch of pirates who have survived time and space pay a visit upon him.

Greybeard scared sailors up and down the eastern seaboard and all around the Caribbean. Much more fearsome than his distant cousin Ol' Blackbeard, Grey also took time out to infuriate his crew the Corsairs. Together they piloted the magnificent ship the Cutlass to hoard booty up the wazoo.

But for some reason, Greybeard decided to hide the king's ransom, his personal treasure chest, and not inform his erstwhile colleagues in crime. That would drive them batty! Plus, later he disappeared without any explanation. That would fuel the Corsairs desire to find those shimmering jewels and glittering gold coins, and search the ends of the earth in that pursuit.

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