Friday, September 18, 2009

Pirate Profile #3

With her flowing mane of crimson curls, this is definitely some lady in red. Startling in both her beauty and her firm command, Redlocks is the Captain of the Cutlass, the fastest ship in the skies! Succeeding the AWOL Greybeard, she seized the leadership of his rowdy crew, and agreed to direct them on a wild hunt to find his hidden booty.

Unfortunately for these pirates, they enjoyed little success and saw the clock turning against them. However in their meandering travels (to be told in a tall tale in a later date), they discovered the mythic Fountain of Youth. These lucky souls now could search for Greybeard's lost treasure to their hearts' content without fearing the ravages of time.

All hands on deck respect Captain Redlocks for her fairness. A woman who has broken through the wooden ceiling, she leads by example and is both brave and bold. Soon Baltazar will have the ride of his life as he helps Redlocks in her crew's ultimate quest.

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